Céline Moille (Yellaw) in « Women in Crypto online series » to talk about Blockchain

(Transcript) Céline Moille:

I found regulation for ICO and for digital assets service provider* an interesting work with this kind of regulation in France. Plus, there are not too many women attorneys in this domain.

I started 4 years ago, when I became Partner at Yellaw in charge of debt-collection department.

In 2017, I created a Legaltech, DODOBANK, specialized in debt-collection to allow automatization and digitalisation of the process.

For 3 years now, I am working a lot with Maltese environment and government, as they want to be “THE BLOCKCHAIN ISLAND in Europe”.

My activities consist in bringing clients to compliance: data privacy (GDPR system), privacy shield… and also doing activities that are specific for blockchain. With the recent news of Pacte Law (Loi Pacte), the AMF (authority of financial markets) is very proactive on compliance and companies have to be compliant for the end of the year.

To be compliant they need to:

  • have a good KYC (Know Your Customer)
  • follow specific rules: good CV of the owner of the company, they have to be established in France or UE
  • contract sometimes specific insurance
  • comply with rules of the AML (anti-money laundering): a mix between anti-corruption, anti-money laundering and corporate business model

As you law firm is international, working with Quebec for example. Is it the same regulations applying than in France?

We have to wait for European regulation because at this time, it’s only France regulation applying and you need to obtain a VISA and be compliant to every country you are working with.

What are your customers?

Start-ups willing to do ICO or be compliant with AMF, European companies mostly (Swiss, French mostly).
And also with the data and privacy shield, we have big companies (insurance, bank) that want to be compliant too.

It’s very easy for me to talk to my clients because I have the same problems for my law firm YELLAW and my legaltech DODOBANK: website compliant for the European, data compliance also and I want to use Blockchain, I want to use IA and finding solutions before anyone else ! I am not just a lawyer; I try to create new projects and new technologies for my law firm.

I am also the Vice President of AVOTECH, a French association of lawyers who want to use new technologies, mixing young and older people, men and women.

What would be your advices for other attorneys to understand or work for Blockchain technologies?

I take time to understand the technology, I went to webinar, courses, conferences … to talk about it. You can use blockchain without cryptocurrency.
There was no regulation at all at the beginning and then I worked a lot to understand it. Because it’s changing as we go, so we are learning as we go too.

What do you see the future of money?

Digital cash ! (laugh) Because of the COVID-19, I don’t want to use coins! But in France, we still do accept cash.
Apple Pay, VISA or Mastercard … The new era will be different and with the pandemic going, it will be different.

Céline Moille is available by mail : [email protected]

* Definition of a digital asset service provider: companies that want to exchange crypto to FIAT (Euro) and the other way around, if you want to be a custodian in France and more.